Make Money from a Successful Project

Invest Your Money in a Growing Project Run by Our Firm in London

Money is difficult to come by, and many people work extremely hard just to sustain themselves financially. With just one smart investment, however, you could see your financial situation improve drastically. At Excelsior Gold Investments, in London, we offer clients a variety of investment projects and products. Available to any investor, our projects are founded in sectors that few have ventured into, ensuring that potentially large profits are available. We are an internet-based company, keep your funds secure at all times, and strive to help each customer see a significant return on their investment.

Receiving an Application Form

Customers who are interested in multiplying their money through our investment opportunities are encouraged to get in touch with us via the contact form on this website. Once you have been in contact with us, we will email you an application form. You will be required to fill the form in and return it alongside a piece of photographic ID that verifies you are over the age of 18.

Choose a Project That Suits You

At Excelsior Gold Investments we have collated a portfolio of projects and products for our clients to choose from. Located both within and outside the UK, our opportunities include hotels, resorts, and commercial properties. Each of them has been verified by experts in their field, providing you with the peace of mind that the project is worthwhile and that returns are achievable. After you have committed to investing, the funds will be accepted via cheque or bank transfer.

Contact us now, 

in London, for further details about our investment products and projects.

Confirmation of Your Commitment

Once you have chosen the product you want the funds to be allocated into we will send you a confirmation email. Your commitment will almost immediately be reflected on our website, as the amount required for the project to commence will have been reduced. A 15-day cooling-off period begins from the moment the agreement is made, meaning if you change your mind within this timeframe your funds will be returned in full.

Updates and Assistance

Investors will always receive updates on the project that their money has gone into to keep them informed. The reports may be sent monthly, twice yearly, or annually depending on the project. Throughout the investment period you will have a point of contact that is able to supply any advice you require.

Cancelling Your Investment

In the unlikely event that you do not want to carry on with your investment, we require at least 30 days’ notice. If the money is yet to be invested, we will return your money in full. However, if it has already been invested in a project, we may be unable to return the full amount.